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pm high speed steel

PM M48 High Speed Steel Griggs SteelPM M48 highspeed tool steel is a flexible steel that provides a unique combination of high wearresistance with high impact toughness and bend strength, which are results of the fine grain size, small carbides and superior cleanliness of the steel.

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  • PM 60 High Speed Steel Griggs Steel

    PM 60 high speed tool steel is a high alloyed PM high speed steel suitable for very demanding cold work applications and for cutting tools. The high carbon and alloying content, Co, Mo, W and V, gives an extremely high compressive strength combined with a very suitable abrasive wear resistance.

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  • High Speed Steel CPM Rex T15 CPM Rex T15 Technical Data

    CPM Rex T15 Powder Metal High Speed Steel. CPM Rex T15 powder metallurgy high speed steel is cobalt bearing super high speed steel which can be heat treated to a hardness as high as 67 Rockwell C. A high volume of hard vanadium carbides provides very high wear resistance. The cobalt content provides excellent resistance to softening at high service temperatures (red or hot hardness).

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  • High Speed Steel Tool Steel Shop Online

    Shop online for tool steel and high speed tool steel with Hudson Tool Steel Corporation. Hudson Tool Steel. California800 996 0411 New Hampshire866 557 2874 North Carolina CPM T15 (PM T15) Data Select CPM Rex 76 (M48) Data Select

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  • PM High Speed Steel ITIA

    Only recently did the first PM High Speed Steels appear on the market. Such steels are produced by powder metallurgy. Alloy powders are fabricated by gas atomisation and the powder is then consolidated by Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP).

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  • High Speed Steel Bohler Uddeholm

    Vanadis 30 SuperClean³ is a cobalt high performance high speed steel. The cobalt addition has a positive influence on the hot wear resistance. Hot wear resistance and ductility are key properties in high speed steel cutting tools. PDF / 123 KBVanadis 60 Vanadis 60 SuperClean³ is a premium high alloyed PM high speed steel with 10,5% cobalt.

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  • Tool steel and tooling alloys Zapp

    Tool steel and tooling alloys Tool steel for every application. For highly stressed tools in modern tool technology, you can choose between conventional tool steels and PM steel. PM stands for “powder metallurgical”. Very high performancePM steel. Selection of conventional tool steels. Information about ASP ® steel Information about CPM

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  • PM M4 HI Speed Tool Steel

    PM M4 Hi Speed Steel Material InformationM 4 is a super high speed steel having a very high carbon and vanadium content for exceptional abrasion resistance. It is well suited for premium cutting tools of all types, and particularly those used for machining abrasive alloys, castings and

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  • Eastern Tool Steel Service

    At Eastern Tool Steel Service, we stock a wide variety of materials for your tooling requirements. Whether your needs include tool steel, PM steels, high speed steel, alloy steel

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  • Precision Marshall Steel in Pittsburgh, PA

    Precision Marshall is an independent, privately held manufacturer of premium quality de carb free tool steels and specialty alloys. Our manufacturing facility is located in Washington, PA, where the company was founded in 1948.

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  • High Speed Tool Steel ProductsM2 M4 M42 T1 T15

    M4 High Speed Tool Steel. M4 is a molybdenum tungsten high speed steel that is characterized by its high abrasion, wear resistance, transverse bend strength, and impact toughness. This specialty high speed steel was developed to have a greater abrasion and wear resistance for high

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  • Crucible Tool Steel and Specialty Alloy General Information

    In fact, CPM M4 exhibits the best toughness properties of any high speed steel we currently produce, conventional or CPM. Combined with its excellent wear resistant properties and good grindability (comparable to conventional M2) CPM M4 represents the best high performance “general purpose” high speed steel on the market today.

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  • Powder Metallurgy Steel,Tungsten Alloy Steel,Powder

    Due to high chemical composition of Cobalt, Vanadium, Tungsten, Nickel the steel grains stick to its properties stronger with offering us the best steel to be used for high performance tools. High speed steel produced by the powder metallurgy method for heavy duty machining tools e.g. for machining of nonferrous metals alloys, such as Ti base

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  • A History Of High Speed Steel West Yorkshire Steel

    The tungsten molybdenum high speed steel M2 was invented by W Breelor in the USA in 1937. In subsequent years many new high speed steel grades were developed. In the UK a number of special steel producers (predominantly in Sheffield) manufactured numerous High Speed Steel, as well as Tool Steel specifications.

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  • Products Specialty Metal Distributors Diehl Tool Steel

    Browse our traditional stock as well as our Premium Grades from Hitachi Metals America. Tool Steel, Alloy Steel, Powdered Metal, High Speed Steel, Drill Rod, and Precision Ground Flat Stock.

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  • Powder Metallurgical Tool Steel Bohler Uddeholm

    High speed steel produced by powder metallurgy methods with highest red hardness, compressive strength and wear resistance. The PM technology imparts to the material also excellent toughness and machinability properties, e.g. high satisfactory grindability.

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  • Raising the game in the demanding world of PM high speed steel

    Users of PM steels are looking for continuing improvements in reliability, useful life, closer tolerances and finer surface finishes from tooling. To meet the challenges posed by this formidable shopping list producers are having to raise their game and improve products. A leading high speed steel producer has done just that

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  • High Speed Steel & PM Grades and Products Range

    Structural SteelHigh Speed Steel & PMApplicationCertificatesQuestionnaire of the ConsumerForeign PartnersBooklets, brochures, catalogsHigh Speed Steel & PMProduct Range of High Speed Steel . Size, mm . Round. Square. Bars with Special Surface Finishing (ground and polished) h9 h11 (k9 k11) Hot Rolled

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